What is SADC?

Security ADC, based on a Patent Pending technology from ARRKNINE allows you to scale your security infrastructure with your business needs, in the data center or in the cloud. SADC's tight integration with VMWare VSphere APIs manages and scales the DLP infrastructure in virtualized environments. SADC is exclusively available to our DLP Managed Services customers and is packaged along with our Managed Services Platform.

What are the features of SADC?

  • HA implementation of the Appliance to enable full redundancy and resilience
  • Scale-Up or Scale-Down the content processing capacity of your DLP infrastructure based on your business needs
  • Prioritize content processing for specific groups in your organization or applications
  • Limit or throttle content scanning for specific groups in your organization or applications
  • Self-learning heuristics to flag abnormal activity for DLP infrastructure
  • Prevent Denial Of Service (DoS) attacks on DLP infrastructure

  • Does SADC introduce any delays in the infrastructure?

    As an in-line network product - SADC operates at layer 3 and 4 of the OSI Model and is embedded into the appliance OD kernel. This allows to limit the delays equivalent to IP forwarding/routing delays.

    How is SADC delivered to the customers?

    SADC is available as a VMWare virtual appliance and as a hardware appliance to qualified customers.

SADC Features
  • Scale your DLP infrastructure
  • Prioritize DLP requests
  • Prevent DoS attacks
  • Automated alerts for Administrators

DLP Managed Services
  • Packaged with SADC
  • Key metrics monitoring
  • Proactive alerts  Read more

Industry Partnerships:
Symantec Partner Vmware Partner