Examples of confidential data/documents?

Every organization has internal business necessary documents which are confidential in nature to the company. Some examples of confidential data/documents are:

Examples of Confidential data/documents
Business PlansM&A documentsProduct CAD/CAM drawings
Marketing PlansCustomer database/listsProduct source code
Financial PlansCustomer contractsOther Intellectual property
Employee SSNEmployee SalariesEmployee Health Records

What is a data breach?

Any form of unauthorized disclosure of confidential information outside the company is called a data breach. Data breaches can happen accidentally through innocent mistakes made by employees or through malicious activity of those who have insider access. Confidential documents are typically exposed through Email, Web, Instant Messaging, copying files to removable media etc.

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Security software which identifies, tracks and blocks the movement of confidential data outside the company. A successful DLP implementation needs to:

  • Identify confidential data in a company's environment
  • Identify how to protect the company from possible breach?
  • Identify the response to be taken when a particular breach is detected
  • Test and tune the implementation for proper breach detection
  • Actively monitor communications channels for potential breach attempts

Why choose ARRKNINE for DLP implementation?

Extensive DLP Knowledge
People at ARRKNINE have extensive Security and DLP knowledge and experience. All of our customer implementations are directly managed by Vendor Certified Specialists.

Excellent Post-Installation Support
ARRKNINE Professional services help you with any post-install issues or changes you need to make to adapt to your changing environment.

ARRKNINE products to reduce your Operational Costs
ARRKNINE provides standard and custom operations automation products to help you reduce your TCO.

DLP Professional Services
  • Pre-Implementation Assessment
  • Implementation Support
  • Policy creation and fine-tuning
  • Employee Education
  • DLP Operations Management
  • Custom development
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DLP Managed Services
  • Packaged with SADC
  • Key metrics monitoring
  • Proactive alerts  Read more

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